11 Greek Wedding Traditions We Love!

11 Greek Wedding Traditions We Love!

11 Greek Wedding Traditions We Love!

There’s nothing such as the social and symbolism that is religious’s woven in to the tapestry of weddings celebrated around the world. As soon as it comes down to Greek weddings, well, you can find also movies made about them! Therefore let’s perhaps not concentrate on the spanakopita or saganaki, but instead on a few of the gorgeous wedding that is greek we love…

The marriage date!

In accordance with Greek Orthodox tradition, you will find dates through the 12 months which are considered all the best as well as others which should be prevented without exceptions.

Dates which should be prevented no matter what include:

  • The initial two weeks of August. These are specialized in the Virgin Mary
  • Lent, the 40 times before Easter.
  • 29, which marks the death of Saint John the Baptist august.
  • September 14, which will be the event regarding the Exaltation regarding the Holy Cross.
  • When within the 40 days prior to Christmas.

January and June are thought months that are good wedding. In ancient times January had been the thirty days specialized in the wife of Zeus additionally the goddess of wedding and fertility – Hera. June became a unique thirty days after the Romans translated Hera to Juno and committed the sixth thirty days of the season to her.

The marital sleep

Relatives and buddies people enter into the soon-to-be-wed couple’s house to prepare their sleep! Some families nevertheless have the ritual of earning up the marital sleep, while some think this might be considered an outdated tradition.

The superstitious think the newlywed’s very first baby will be a woman or child, dependant on that they put on the sleep! Continue Reading

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